Each season we export varied shipments of birds all over the world. We have many long-term customers that buy from us annually. We have been exporting to the likes of Japan for over twenty years and still have maintained some of the same customers today as when we first started. Birds as diverse as Scops owls to Golden eagles have been shipped in the same consignments.

Export Room

Although a priority is given to selling Species and hybrids bred at our facility, we do also offer a service of acquiring species other than the ones we breed from alternative trusted breeders. Birds which are requiring imprinting are bought at the earliest possible stage and imprinted by us.

Due to the time and work involved, we do not generally export under six birds in any single shipment. We encourage groups of falconers/breeders to club together to make multi bird shipments economically viable for them and us. We are very experienced in all the various legal requirements needed for export/import and can assist you where needed.

So please contact us and let us know your requirements, we generally answer all enquiries within 24 hours.