Falcon Mews is owned by Peter Gill and Richard Hill. With over forty years’ experience in raptor propagation, breeding species as diverse as Sparrow hawk to Golden Eagle. We have both experienced many aspects of falconry, both in our own practise and by observing other falconers and know what is required in the hunting field from the diverse species and hybrids we breed.

We annually produce around 350 plus falcons, plus in addition, eggs are hatched and/or youngsters reared for a few friends at our facility. At the height of the breeding season around 750 raptors are under our care. We have four permanent members of staff, several of who has been with us for many years; we also take on additional temporary staff when needed.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we have exported our falcons to over 25 countries worldwide. The experience gained, now allows us to process and prepare documentation quickly and accurately. The demands for birds to be delivered to our clients for the start of their respective seasons is understood, and we endeavour to work within these criteria. All our customers will demand and receive our personal attention, which we willingly offer; time spent choosing the correct hunting partner will pay dividends for us all in the long run. Your success is our success!

CITES Registered Breeder

We are now one of only four CITES Registered Breeders of raptors here in the UK and are one of a very few CITES Registered Breeder in the world for Barbary Falcons.


Apart from the obvious credibility that this status brings to our breeding facility, it also brings many advantages during the applications for export paperwork and in theory, should make the whole process go quicker and smoother. This registration is particularly helpful to our Japanese customers allowing them to choose from our CITES Appendix 1 Species as well as our Appendix 2.

We are Registered for Gyr Falcons, Peregrine Falcons and also Barbary Falcons and any Hybrids containing a percentage of these three species.

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