Individuals of all colour phases’ black, grey, silver and white are kept at the facility. We keep around one hundred and fifty pure Gyrs, forty of which are imprinted males for semen production. A small number of imprinted females are kept with the remaining birds being paired for natural breeding. Around 90% of the bloodlines were captive bred in the USA and Canada plus a few from Russia. Although colour is of importance, we believe size and shape to be equally so. Each season we purchase or exchange new bloodlines, to ensure we keep the genetic diversity expanding.

Around a hundred Gyrs are produced annually. We have produced many winning pure Gyrs in the falcon races.

All our Gyrs are sold and priced individually, subject to size and colour, please contact us and we will be only too willing to supply you with information on the falcons we have available at this particular time. Whenever possible we try to parent rear Gyrs with parents / foster parents of the same colour phase to them.