The male Gyr-Peregrine hybrid is known as one of the most successful and stylish game falcons all around the world. It combines the Peregrines unique ‘waiting on’ patience with the Gyr’s power and speed both when climbing and in its pursuit speed at the bottom of the stoop. These falcons are arguably the perfect game hawk, which is reflected in their popularity. We have also found that the males are proving to be exceptional Kirowan hawks and the demand from falconers in the Middle East has gone through the ceiling. A new and exciting market to occur over the recent few years has been falcon racing in Middle Eastern countries. Held in a number of different formats the male Gyr–Peregrine has a large following for these competitions. Many of our males have been used with several winning good prizes.

The females are extremely powerful proving themselves to be ‘par excellence’ whether hunting Gulls, Pheasant, Duck or Houbara. We are the UK’s largest producer of this hybrid with over two hundred produced each season, and due to its popularity; its production is a priority at our breeding centre.